About us:

This is an open source software project that allows users to generate their own data entry forms based on XML schema. This project is in fact a suite of software tools that allow such things as configuration of data entry forms, the inclusion of meta data, and the ability to create alerts. This software has been designed with internationalisation in mind. Various scripts and symbols can be used. As well, data entry forms can be configured to take into account various issues such as visual difficulties.

This project is Java based and comes with documentation for both end users and developers. Documentation comes with the download but is also available online so you can see if this software is for you or not. We are hoping to generate interest in a number of domains as the software is not dependent on any specific domain or model. We welcome constructive feedback at any time so do let us know what you think.

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Keywords: "Project 35", "open source", XML, "data modelling", "data entry", ontology, Java, "Tablet PC", Garwood.
Copyright © 2008 Christopher Garwood and Kevin Garwood. Photos courtesy of Marcos Suñer.