project35.configurationTool This package describes the code for the Project35 Configuration Tool.
project35.desktopDeployment The project35.desktopDeployment package describes classes that are used to make the desktop version of the data entry tool. This package contains classes that manage most of the features for reading and writing data to file.
project35.mda.config This package contains classes which manage the configuration options for the data entry tool which are not covered by the XML Schema.
project35.mda.model This package describes Project35's native data structures that are used to manage an in-memory representation of an XML document.
project35.mda.schema The package contains classes which are responsible for interpreting the XML schema.
project35.metaData The package contains classes which manage Project35's meta data.
project35.soa Contains ServiceClass,the basic service class, and GeneralServiceFactory, the basic factory class for creating services.
project35.soa.alerts The Project35 Alerts system is based on the concept of an Alert, which is a collection of matching criteria associated with an intent such as an error, a warning, a request for communication or a desire to post a bulletin. This small package describes services which generate identifier values for text fields.
project35.soa.ontology.provenance This package manages the meta data that Project35 gathers about the ontology terms used to mark-up form fields.
project35.soa.ontology.sources This package contains all the classes which support the ontology source class that is part of the Project35 Ontology Service Framework.
project35.soa.ontology.views This package contains all the classes which support the ontology viewer that is part of the Project35 Ontology Service Framework.
project35.soa.plugins This package contains all the classes that are needed for developers to extend the system with their own plugins. contains basic classes for supporting a security service.
project35.soa.validation The classes in this package support Project35's facilities for validating the data set.
project35.specifications This package is used to help generate human-readable functional specifications for a given configuration file.
project35.system The most important classes in this package are Context classes that hold a collection of environment variables.
project35.util The following classes relate to Project35's context sensitive help system: ContextHelpItem ContextHelpService HelpEnabledButton HelpEnabledCheckBox HelpEnabledCheckBoxMenuItem HelpEnabledLabel HelpEnabledMenuItem HelpLinkCreator HelpLinkListener .
project35.workBench This package is responsible for creating the Project35 Work Bench,which allows users to launch Project35 Dialog instances that are generated from different models.