Class Startup

  extended by project35.mda.schema.Startup

public class Startup
extends java.lang.Object

this class is used to encapsulate the activity of reading the model and the configuration file to produce record template definitions that drive the rest of the Project35 code base

Copyright (c) 2008 Kevin Garwood for Project35. The original code was developed by Kevin Garwood for the University of Manchester. Revisions have been made for Project35, a project that is independent of that institution. This code is licensed under the Academic Free License version 3.0. The code attribution for the original code is included here:

Copyright (c) Kevin Garwood and University of Manchester 2007. All rights reserved. Licensed under the Academic Free License version 3.0. For more information on the terms and conditions, please see the file "LICENSE" that is included in this distribution.

Kevin Garwood (

Constructor Summary
Startup(Project35ApplicationContext project35ApplicationContext)
Method Summary
 java.util.ArrayList getPlugins()
 Project35ApplicationContext getProject35ApplicationContext()
 SchemaReaderInterface getSchemaReader()
 void ignoreConfigurationFile()
 void loadModel( schemaURL, mainConfigurationURL, libraryDirectory, documentDirectory, resourceDirectory, fileExtensionsToLaunch, favouritesFile, boolean enableClassLoader, boolean ignoreTopLevelElement)
 void start( schemaFile, mainConfigurationURL, libraryDirectory, documentDirectory, resourceDirectory, fileExtensionsToLaunchURL, favouritesFile, boolean enableClassLoader, boolean ignoreTopLevelElement)
 void stripFactoryDefinitionsOfValidationServices(RecordModelFactory recordModelFactory, ValidationServiceRegistry validationServiceRegistry)
          this method strips out the validation services that were created for each editfieldmodel instance in the schema reader.
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Constructor Detail


public Startup(Project35ApplicationContext project35ApplicationContext)
Method Detail


public void ignoreConfigurationFile()


public void start( schemaFile,
                  boolean enableClassLoader,
                  boolean ignoreTopLevelElement)


public void stripFactoryDefinitionsOfValidationServices(RecordModelFactory recordModelFactory,
                                                        ValidationServiceRegistry validationServiceRegistry)
this method strips out the validation services that were created for each editfieldmodel instance in the schema reader. in the past, validation services have been an aspect of the edit field model class. However, this is now changed and now validation services are managed by a separate class called the validation service registry. This helps decouple the MDA model components from the services that belong in the SOA part of the architecture.


public void loadModel( schemaURL,
                      boolean enableClassLoader,
                      boolean ignoreTopLevelElement)
               throws java.lang.Exception


public Project35ApplicationContext getProject35ApplicationContext()


public SchemaReaderInterface getSchemaReader()


public java.util.ArrayList getPlugins()