Package project35.mda.schema

The package contains classes which are responsible for interpreting the XML schema.


Interface Summary
MsvSchemaReader.BoundedDataFieldModelFactory Factory for bounded (numeric) DataFieldModel.
MsvSchemaReader.DataFieldModelFactory Each implementation of this interface returns a certain type of DataFieldModel.
SchemaReaderInterface This interface defines methods for reading an XML schema and creating a collection of RecordModels, which can be retrieved from the RecordModelFactory.

Class Summary
MsvSchemaReader Implementation of the SchemaReaderInterface based upon Sun's Multi Schema Validator (MSV).
MsvSchemaReader.BooleanFieldModelFactory Factory for BooleanFieldModel.
MsvSchemaReader.BoundedDoubleFieldModelFactory Factory for bounded DataFieldModel containing Double.
MsvSchemaReader.BoundedFloatFieldModelFactory Factory for bounded DataFieldModel containing Float.
MsvSchemaReader.BoundedIntegerFieldModelFactory Factory for bounded DataFieldModel containing Integer.
MsvSchemaReader.IdFieldModelFactory Factory for IDFieldModel.
MsvSchemaReader.IdrefsFieldModelFactory Factory for ListFieldModel containing references to IDFieldModel.
MsvSchemaReader.TextFieldModelFactory Factory for TextFieldModel.
MsvSchemaReader.ValidatedEditFieldModelFactory Factory for a validated EditFieldModel.
MsvSchemaReader.ValidatedTextFieldModelFactory Factory for a validated TextFieldModel.
Startup this class is used to encapsulate the activity of reading the model and the configuration file to produce record template definitions that drive the rest of the Project35 code base

Package project35.mda.schema Description

The package contains classes which are responsible for interpreting the XML schema. Most of this activity is encapsulated by Startup, which is used in the "main" class of almost every tool that uses Project35 libraries. Startup uses an implementation of SchemaReaderInterface to parse the schema. For now, that implementation remains the MsvSchemaReader class. Most of Project35 depends on this one class for extracting schema information and using it to produce template definitions of native data structures.