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Packages that use AlertActionType
project35.soa.alerts The Project35 Alerts system is based on the concept of an Alert, which is a collection of matching criteria associated with an intent such as an error, a warning, a request for communication or a desire to post a bulletin. 

Uses of AlertActionType in project35.soa.alerts

Fields in project35.soa.alerts declared as AlertActionType
static AlertActionType AlertActionType.CONTACT_ME
static AlertActionType AlertActionType.ERROR
static AlertActionType AlertActionType.INFORMATION
static AlertActionType AlertActionType.WARNING

Methods in project35.soa.alerts that return AlertActionType
static AlertActionType AlertActionType.getActionTypeForPhrase(java.lang.String phrase)
 AlertActionType Alert.getAlertType()
          Get the value of alertType.

Methods in project35.soa.alerts with parameters of type AlertActionType
static java.lang.String AlertActionType.getPhraseForActionType(AlertActionType actionType)
 void Alert.setAlertType(AlertActionType alertType)
          Set the value of alertType.