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Packages that use OntologyContext
project35.configurationTool This package describes the code for the Project35 Configuration Tool. 
project35.desktopDeployment The project35.desktopDeployment package describes classes that are used to make the desktop version of the data entry tool. 
project35.metaData The package contains classes which manage Project35's meta data. 
project35.soa.alerts The Project35 Alerts system is based on the concept of an Alert, which is a collection of matching criteria associated with an intent such as an error, a warning, a request for communication or a desire to post a bulletin. 
project35.soa.ontology.sources This package contains all the classes which support the ontology source class that is part of the Project35 Ontology Service Framework. 
project35.soa.ontology.views This package contains all the classes which support the ontology viewer that is part of the Project35 Ontology Service Framework. 

Uses of OntologyContext in project35.configurationTool

Methods in project35.configurationTool with parameters of type OntologyContext
 void Project35ConfigurationOntologySource.setOntologyContext(OntologyContext ontologyContext)

Uses of OntologyContext in project35.desktopDeployment

Fields in project35.desktopDeployment declared as OntologyContext
protected  OntologyContext EditFieldView.ontologyContext

Methods in project35.desktopDeployment that return OntologyContext
 OntologyContext RecordView.getOntologyContext()

Methods in project35.desktopDeployment with parameters of type OntologyContext
 void RecordView.setOntologyContext(OntologyContext ontologyContext)

Uses of OntologyContext in project35.metaData

Methods in project35.metaData with parameters of type OntologyContext
 void MetaDataOntologySource.setOntologyContext(OntologyContext ontologyContext)

Uses of OntologyContext in project35.soa.alerts

Methods in project35.soa.alerts that return OntologyContext
 OntologyContext MatchingCriteriaView.getOntologyContext()

Constructors in project35.soa.alerts with parameters of type OntologyContext
EditFieldCriterionView(Project35FormContext project35FormContext, OntologyContext ontologyContext, RecordModel recordModel, FieldOperatorProvider fieldOperatorProvider)
          assumes there is at least one field name choice if the record model has no edit fields then the caller of this class should ensure it never gets used.
EditFieldCriterionView(Project35FormContext project35FormContext, OntologyContext ontologyContext, RecordModel recordModel, FieldOperatorProvider fieldOperatorProvider, java.util.ArrayList fieldsToExclude)
          public void removeRecordFieldChoice(String recordFieldChoice) { int foundIndex = excludedFields.indexOf(recordFieldChoice); if ( foundIndex == -1) { excludedFields.add(recordFieldChoice); } //end if () }

Uses of OntologyContext in project35.soa.ontology.sources

Fields in project35.soa.ontology.sources declared as OntologyContext
protected  OntologyContext AbstractTreeOntologySource.ontologyContext

Methods in project35.soa.ontology.sources with parameters of type OntologyContext
 OntologySource DefaultSubtreeOntologySource.getSubOntologySource(Project35FormContext project35FormContext, OntologyContext parameters)

Uses of OntologyContext in project35.soa.ontology.views

Fields in project35.soa.ontology.views declared as OntologyContext
protected  OntologyContext DefaultOntologyViewer.ontologyContext

Uses of OntologyContext in project35.tabletDeployment

Fields in project35.tabletDeployment declared as OntologyContext
protected  OntologyContext DefaultOntologyViewerPanel.ontologyContext

Methods in project35.tabletDeployment that return OntologyContext
 OntologyContext FileSpace.getOntologyContext()

Methods in project35.tabletDeployment with parameters of type OntologyContext
 void FileSpace.setOntologyContext(OntologyContext ontologyContext)