Package project35.soa.ontology.views

This package contains all the classes which support the ontology viewer that is part of the Project35 Ontology Service Framework.


Interface Summary
OntologyTermSelectionListener describes a class responsible for doing some action when users finish selecting terms in an OntologyViewer The action will commonly be one and/or both things: record meta data about selected terms paste term labels into a text field
OntologyView describes the behaviour of an ontology view supported by the DefaultOntologyViewer
OntologyViewer describes a class that can render a collection of ontology terms.
OntologyViewListener describes class that listens to one of the classes that implement OntologyView interface.

Class Summary
DefaultOntologyTermSelectionListener is called when users have finished selecting terms from some OntologyView.
DefaultOntologyViewer this is the default viewer used to render terms provided by ontology sources.
DictionaryTableModel the table model used by the DictionaryView .
DictionaryView a view for the DefaultOntologyViewer which renders terms in a table with "term" and "description" columns.
ListView Views an ontology as a list of alphabetised terms.
OntologyService a service used to mark-up form fields with ontology terms.
OntologyServiceFactory a factory which produces ontology services.
OntologyServiceManager manages ontology services associated with a given text field It associates its own ServiceMenuListener with the label of the form field.
OntologyTermMenuItem a subclass of JMenuItem that references an ontology term
OntologyTermNode this class describes a tree node that can contain an ontology term.
PictureView renders ontology terms as a collection of thumbnail images.
StubbedOntologyViewer Copyright (c) 2008 Kevin Garwood for Project35.
TreeView renders ontology terms in a tree display.
URLDescriptionPanel the UI component that renders web pages that are associated with ontology terms The DefaultOntologyViewer embeds this component in its display if an OntologySource supports the project35.soa.ontology.sources.URLDescriptionSupport interface.

Package project35.soa.ontology.views Description

This package contains all the classes which support the ontology viewer that is part of the Project35 Ontology Service Framework. The OntologyServiceManager is responsible for listening to right click actions end-users make when their mouse cursor hovers over the label of a form field which supports ontology services. When this happens, the manager class produces a popup menu with links to OntologyServices that have been associated with the field. If an ontology contains at most 40 terms, Project35 uses instances of OntologyTermMenuItem to render ontology terms as menu items. If the service has more than 40 terms, it delegates to an OntologyViewer.

If the OntologyService has no OntologyViewer, Project35 uses its own default viewer DefaultOntologyViewer. This class interrogates OntologySource objects to determine what other interfaces they implement. It uses the presence of other interface implementations to determine which of the following default views it can use to render an ontology:

The default viewer is able to interact with the views in a consistent manner because they all implement the OntologyView interface. This is an interface that was specifically developed to allow the default viewer to support multiple ways of presenting ontologies to end-users. The views register the default viewer as an OntologyViewListener. This interface is used to alert DefaultOntologyViewer when terms have been selected in one of the views.

When an users have chosen their terms in some kind of OntologyViewer, the viewer notifies an OntologyTermSelectionListener. This class is responsible for recording the terms that have been used and inserting the term labels into the appropriate form field. Project35 has its own DefaultOntologyTermSelectionListener class which supports this interface.