Interface TabletProject35Plugin

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Project35Plugin,, ServiceClass

public interface TabletProject35Plugin
extends Project35Plugin

specialised interface for TabletProject35Dialog plugins. The difference between plugins operating in TPD and normal PD is that plugins in the TPD deployment depend on other components not having popup dialogs. in this case, implementations of plugins which have graphical UIs should use JPanels instead of JDialog/JFrames. They should also pop/push the panels using the dialog's dialog.popCard(...) and dialog.pushCard(...) methods

Copyright (c) 2008 Kevin Garwood for Project35. The original code was developed by Kevin Garwood for the University of Manchester. Revisions have been made for Project35, a project that is independent of that institution. This code is licensed under the Academic Free License version 3.0. The code attribution for the original code is included here:

Copyright (c) Kevin Garwood and University of Manchester 2007. All rights reserved. Licensed under the Academic Free License version 3.0. For more information on the terms and conditions, please see the file "LICENSE" that is included in this distribution.

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Method Summary
 void setTabletProject35Dialog(TabletProject35Dialog dialog)
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void setTabletProject35Dialog(TabletProject35Dialog dialog)