Package project35.tabletDeployment

Interface Summary
TabletProject35Plugin specialised interface for TabletProject35Dialog plugins.

Class Summary
AlertsPanel a reworked version of project35.soa.alerts.AlertsDialog that uses JPanel instead of separate windows
CommentsPanel the comments panel that appears on the lower part of the "Where Am I" panel - lists the comments associated with the currently selected node in the tree
DataEntryPanel the data entry form for the Tablet Project35 Dialog.
DefaultOntologyViewerPanel reworks project35.soa.ontology.views.DefaultOntologyViewer so that it can be put in a panel instead of a dialog
FileMenu a reworked version of project35.desktopDeployment.FileMenu that uses a file space registry.
FileSpace used to represent a file in TabletProject35Dialog.
FileSpaceRegistry Keeps track of which files are currently open.
HelpMenu a reworked version of project35.desktopDeployment.HelpMenu
OntologyServiceListPanel this is a class to list the ontology services that are available for editing a given text field.
OntologyServiceManager adapts project35.soa.ontology.views.OntologyServiceManager to suit Tablet environment.
OptionsMenu a version of project35.desktopDeployment.OptionsMenu that uses the FileSpaceRegistry
RecordStack Tablet Project35's equivalent of the NavigationTree part of the normal Project35 dialog.
TabletDocumentDescriptionPanel version of the document description feature for Tablet Project35 Dialog
TabletIDFieldView Renders text field views for EditFieldModel model components.
TabletMenu a base class for all standard menus used in the Tablet deployment
TabletPluginManager a version of project35.soa.plugins.PluginManager that has been adapted for Tablet Project35.
TabletPluginSelectionPanel a version of project35.soa.plugins.PluginSelectorDialog that uses a JPanel display instead of a separate window such as a Dialog
TabletProject35Application the main class for starting Tablet Project35.
TabletProject35Dialog is the main dialog used to render Project35 on a Tablet PC.
TabletProject35MenuBar menu bar for Tablet Project35
TabletTextFieldView Renders text field views for EditFieldModel model components.
WhereAmIPanel this is a panel which shows the current record in the context of the entire record tree.
WindowMenu a version of project35.desktopDeployment.WindowMenu that does not cause focus to change from one open dialog to another.