Feedback - tell us what you think!

We welcome all constructive feedback. Please e-mail us at for development issues and all issues relating to documentation, models, testing, training or general questions. If you use our software, we would ask only that you let us know and, if possible, provide a link from your site to ours. We have a survey feature within Project35 that you can use. In the main directory of your download, you can click on fill_out_survey. A form will appear with some questions about your experience using the software. Also, we are interested in letting others know who has used our products. If you have a model that you also don't mind sharing, send it along and we can put it on our models page with a link to your project as well, or if you just want to provide a link and a description of your project, we can put that on the models page as well.

Reporting a bug with any of the software

If you are feeling comfortable with the software, you can use the bug reporting feature within Project35. Within the main directory of your download, you can double click on make_bug_report. A form will appear with fields to fill out relating to whatever problem you've encountered. Alternatively you could just compose your own e-mail without using it.

There are some important things to keep in mind when submitting a bug report. Depending on what has gone wrong, it can sometimes take a while to track down an error and fix it. You can help us with this by providing as much information as possible when you contact us. Here is an example list of information that we would find useful:

It is also important to remember that there is a difference between a bug and an enhancement. If you think there is some general feature that the software should have in future releases, then please let us know. We would ask that you provide us a description of your use case to demonstrate why this enhancement might be beneficial to the Project35 community.

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