Welcome to the home page of PROJECT35!

Project 35 is a Java-based open source software project that takes an XML schema and renders it as forms for data modelling and data entry. We have tried our best to test the software, and the download comes with a comprehensive set of learning materials. Project 35 is general in its approach and this means that it can handle a wide variety of data models from a wide variety of projects and disciplines. The software can be used in scientific or medical domains or can be used to help catalogue things like comic books. We have designed the tutorials so they include screen shots of data entry forms that are relevant to various domains. We took this approach to remind end-users that the software can be applied to multiple fields.

Project 35 also supports internationalisation by allowing different languages to be supported and provides configuration options to accommodate those users who may need larger fonts or different coloured text and backgrounds in order to see effectively. We also have a version specifically designed for Tablet PCs. It is also possible to link fields to ontology terms and to create alerts for fields.

If you have experience with our software, you may want to skip ahead to the section most relevant to you. However, if you are new, then we suggest you start with the 'Who We Are' section and then just follow the main navigation bar at the top of the page from left to right. Each section will have a lot of information but we have tried to organise it so there isn't too much jumping around. We have deliberately kept this documentation simple in terms of its look and feel - don't expect any kind of animation! We have done this to try and ensure our information can be viewed by as many people as possible, some of whom may not have the means to support such fancy presentations. The documentation is available both online and as part of the download.

We are assuming that this is the first page you have come to in the web pages that come with the software download. If you want to get back here, then just click on the Project 35 logo at the top. Good luck!

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