Tools & Users - who we think uses what!

Project35 is not just one tool but a suite of easy-to-use applications that all work to produce data entry forms based on XML schema. With this approach, it is possible to divide your work based on the skills of your team. If you don't have a team, then there is no problem - you just assume each role in turn yourself. Keep in mind that not everything is needed in order to create forms. For any tasks relating to incorporating Project35 into an existing software system or architecture or for help with plugins for Project35, please refer to the Development section.

Types of users.

We have tried to anticipate the types of users and what they should know going into this.

Types of applications.

The various parts of the application are listed below:

Keywords: "Project 35", "open source", XML, "data modelling", "data entry", ontology, Java, "Tablet PC", Garwood.
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